Rabbit Effect

Two little league players pose with a loveable monster.

It's the bottom of the ninth, and the Humans are down by one. Nine-year-old Maria is on second. A purple, two-headed monster winds up for the pitch, and the local highschool math teacher blasts a long fly to right field. Chasing the ball, two monsters collide, pick themselves up and argue over who gets to make the throw. The coach waves Maria around third. It's a close call, and — oh no! — now the Monsters' coach is stomping onto the field to argue with the umpire...

Monsterball is a large-scale participatory performance that brings together intergenerational audiences around the collective experience of sport. By giving community members the chance to play an accessible version of baseball against a team of friendly monsters, the project creates a humorous and inviting context in which friends, families and neighbors can struggle and triumph together.

A monster catcher and a human batter.