Rabbit Effect

Strip WCW to its core. Take 15-minute fights and cut them down to just the fun parts. Take away the commentators and replace them with loud music. Put flashing lights everywhere.

Keep the monologues. Add more monologues. Only have monologues. And singing — big, belted ballads leading straight into violence.

Make it campy. Make it so melodramatic that you don't know if your tears are real.

Make the audience scream and boo. Make them forget how they're supposed to behave at a performance. Take the biggest, most exuberant, loudest way of telling a story and shove it down their throats.

Princess Daddy's opening number.

Bar fight! = Karaoke + violence.

Best Wrestling-Karaoke Hybrid award from the Nashville Scene.
Paulie Elbows opens the show.
Crystal Reign lifts Cryptacanthaphilia.
Gut Check with the bat.
Crystal Reign belting it.
Cryptacanthaphilia knocks back Gut Check.
King Baby enters the ring.

Always invite pro wrestlers to your show. Let them sing Gaga.

Tweet from Allie Katch.
Signing autographs before the show.
Tweet from Effy. Translation: 'Fuck me, this is good.'
Instagram review.